There’s usually a reason why certain products tend to make the top 10 lists, and it’s usually because they work!

Therefore if you’re looking for a short-cut to choosing the right protein shake for you then have a look through our top 10 list below:

Impact Whey Protein

Impact Whey ProteinKnown as being the best value protein shake in the UK, Impact Whey Protein is also very effective.

It contains very high protein content of 82%, contains the highest Biological Value of any protein, and is available in 11 different flavours, from chocolate mint to raspberry or banana.

This whey protein regularly tops the best-selling lists – due to its high protein content, broad appeal, and exceptional value – which is why we have it as our number 1 protein shake.

True Whey

True WheyTrue Whey is typically for the slightly more advanced protein shake drinker, and usually follows the taking of Impact Whey Protein.

The main advantage of True Whey is that it allows you to build up muscle mass without gaining fat, because the blend contains very little fat, absolutely no added sugars, as well as very small quantities of carbohydrates.

Digezyme has also been added to True Whey, helping to reduce the bloated feeling that cheaper protein shakes sometimes cause.

Total Protein

Total ProteinTotal Protein has been developed specifically to provide you with a steady supply of protein throughout the entire day.

The formula contains three types of proteins – slow proteins (milk concentrate), moderate proteins (egg white) and rapid proteins (whey isolate). This means that the protein is absorbed by your body at different rates, resulting in a steady supply throughout the day.

Total Protein an excellent choice as your everyday protein shake.

Hurricane XS

Hurricane XSHurricane XS is our choice as the top ‘all in one’ protein supplement. With so many different specialist shakes available to buy it can be tricky to know what to take at what time.

Hurricane XS solves this issue as it’s perfect as either a post-exercise shake or as a meal replacement.

Hurricane XS is a blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate and it also contains 5 grams of Creapure Creatine, making this shake ideal if you’re looking to build lean muscle mass.

Maximuscle Cyclone

CycloneCyclone is the UK’s most well-known high protein shake product. Over the past decade over one and a half million Cyclone tubs have been sold, and it now has a huge customer base which advocates its effectiveness.

Regular independent surveys also back up its muscle-building effects.

It contains absolutely no low grade proteins, which means that side effects like wind or a bloated feeling are never experienced, unlike many cheaper protein products which contain concentrates.


PeptoProPeptoPro is one the best shakes for taking either during or just after exercise.

It instantly provides your muscles with a supply of essential amino acids , thereby improving your endurance during exercise and it also boosts muscle synthesis during and after exercise, as independent human research studies have shown.

Another benefit of PeptoPro is that it reduces the feeling of soreness and tiredness that can follow weight training, helping you to recover faster and train harder.

Bedtime Extreme

Bedtime ExtremeThe vast majority of protein shakes are for use throughout the day or specifically for during and after exercise.

This leaves a gap in the market for a supplement which works throughout the night, and this is where Bedtime Extreme comes in.

Ensuring a positive nitrogen balance is essential for building muscle mass, but the period of sleeping throughout the night results in your nitrogen balance dropping to levels which are far from ideal. Bedtime Extreme solves this issue.

Hurricane Evo

Hurricane EvoHurricane Evo is another ‘all in one’ supplement, similar to Hurricane XS, but it’s just not quite as popular. However, this isn’t because of Hurricane Evo being inferior, it’s simply because it’s slightly more expensive.

This protein shake is for anyone looking to gain muscle strength and size whilst it also helps you to recover from exercise workouts.

Two enzymes – Lactospore and Digezyme – are also included to help your gastrointestinal organs and digestive system respectively.

Total Breakfast

Total BreakfastAs its name suggests, this is a shake to be taken first thing in the morning.

It contains all the nutrients which are important for getting your metabolism started.

If you always have a¬†nutritious¬† breakfast then you don’t need to take this supplement, but if like most people you struggle to find the time then this is a great breakfast replacement. It restores your body’s glycogen levels, increases your metabolism by around 10%, and also contains caffeine to help to wake you up.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein

Hydrolysed Whey ProteinYou’ll struggle to find a more advanced formula than Hydrolysed Whey Protein and as a result it’s only for the most serious and advanced trainers and athletes.

This is the most easily digestible whey protein on the market, with protein molecules split into peptides and polypeptides. This means that the protein is absorbed by the stomach more easily, leading to quicker and higher rates of absorption.